Fuda is an Italian company specialized in marble and stone founded in 1961 by Antonio Fuda on his return from Australia.

The headquarter is located in Siderno (RC), in the south of the Italian peninsula, while the sales office is located in Milan, in the famous residential district Brera. Fuda has always developed complex and diversified projects in the field of architecture, design and fashion.

The company combines the craftsmanship qualities of working with technologically advanced machinery, thanks to the great experience of the owners, Antonio’s sons: Francesco, Giuseppe and Domenico. A fifty-year-old passion for working with marble.

In 2017 the collaboration with the architects Joe Gentile and Fabio Crippa of the atelier design lab studio of the province of Como begins, and the new collection of tables, lamps and accessories is born from the combination of these two creative abilities.

The minimalist lines of the piece use the circle as main element, for both base and shade.
The sinuous silhouette of the frame envelops the LED light and is made entirely of precious Carrara marble, making this lamp a sophisticated addition to a living room, entryway, or study. It is possible to craft this piece of black Marquina marble.

A timeless addition to both a classic and contemporary dining room, this magnificent table was crafted entirely of precious Carrara marble whose white color and one-of-a-kind veins add a striking accent to its unique structure. It’s composed by a rectangular top with cut corners supported by legs that are tapered alternatively toward the top and toward the bottom. The metal profile on the top and the structural support are in metal with a “goldenshades” silver finish.

The lamps have different shapes and diameters, a vertical setting in satin brass, a diffuser, or a lampshade, in marble or stone. With their artistic personality they are destined to enrich the prestigious environments, making them surprising and sophisticated.

Marble is a wonderful material that has witnessed human events over the centuries: from sculptures to architecture, from the Hellenic period to ancient Rome, up to the Renaissance, a period in which it accompanied the most important artists in history.

When the light passes the “marble material”, it completely changes the perception, the weight is canceled, the solid surface becomes transparent skin through which you can steal its veins, its deep reflections. Oreadi marble lamps are delicate and precious, like nymphs, and also in the name they are a tribute to mythology.